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Teri B. Williams

Low oil price will help keep petrol prices low

Even though some analysts have briefly thought that the oil price would go up next year, it now looks as though consumers can still profit from cheap oil. Pumping petrol will be even more fun in 2016, with prices for a barrel of crude going anywhere but up. And petrol station consumers are not the only ones that can benefit. You can even make money from the comfort of your own home, thanks to these developments! Read more in this article.

Easy to figure out

You don’t need an economics degree to figure out that cheap oil will lead to cheap petrol at the pumps. And you don’t need an economics degree to profit from this occurrence. But first: what is happening in the world?

New low

Yesterday, Brent oil prices struck a new low by going under 40 dollars per barrel. We haven’t seen these kinds of prices since we were amidst of a full-scale economic crisis in 2009. This makes oil even cheaper than bottled water! If these prices continue to show, 2016 will be a hoot at the petrol station.

Make money on oil

But there’s more. Because with binary options, you can make money by predicting the trend of the oil price. So if this trend continues, and you trade put options (meaning you predict a downward trend), you can make a lot of money. And that’s not the only way you can trade oil binary options these days.

Automated trading

You can also use automated software to help you trade oil binary options. For example, Ultimate4Trading can help you trade these options by analyzing the trend and giving you advice on what to trade. If you want to know more about this software, please read our full review on this trading bot.