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Sean L. Weiss

Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Ford C-Max, various Renault Models being checked

When the first reports of Diesel Gate at VW came out, many immediately said that Volkswagen probably wasn’t the only brand that should be investigated. More and more reports suggest those voices were right. Today, 3 more brands have been connected to possible diesel fraud: Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Renaut.

Enough reason

No conclusions have been drawn yet, but there is enough reason for authorities to investigate the possibility that Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Renault have committed diesel fraud. A German television channel had also pointed at GM subsidiary Opel (known as Vauxhall or Holden in some countries), but authorities have not acted on those allegations yet.


There were reports of Diesel Gate at Renault last week, to which the manufacturer immediately replied that this was a standard procedure in which no allegations had been made. The French car brand even declared that the 25 models authorities had investigated did not contain diesel fraud software. Today the French minister of Environment announced that Renault is going to recall 15,000 cars to better adjust the engine.

4 Models

The 4 models authorities have said to investigate for diesel fraud are Renault’s Espace MPV, Mercedes-Benz’s S Class luxury sedan, Ford’s C-Max mini MPV, and an unnamed model. Renault’s Captur mini SUV has also been pointed out for a recall by sources. Reportedly the Mercedes S350 CDI would deliver inconsistent test results, while the Ford C-Max was found to produce emissions five times more than the allowable limit. A total of 100 models will be investigated by authorities.

Where do you profit?

This news – especially if the allegations are true – can cause stock prices to drop for these manufacturers. Just like Volkswagen is sued by investors for losing 1/3 of its worth, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Ford shares could drop if the diesel fraud allegations stick. Read more on how you can profit trading automotive binary options.