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Bessie A. McKinney

Why now is the best time to trade

Many people wonder if this is the right time to trade binary options. There are always reasons not to trade, but I do believe this may very well be the best time to trade binary options. Why I think so? Let me explain it to you in this article.

The economy is predictable as ever

There may have been times that the economy was even more predictable, but for Europe, this is one of those times that you know exactly where the economy is going: downhill. Many countries are having a rough time – not only Greece. Especially in the eastern and southern regions of Europe, lesser fortunate countries deal with vast amounts of refugees, and see their budgets taking a hit. But also in the more wealthy countries in the EU, times aren’t as good as they used to be.

The euro is still performing badly

To some, the currency should have never been introduced in Europe. These opponents had their reasons back in 2003, and have even more reasons nearing the end of 2015. Helping out Greece has taken its toll on the currency, and the latest strategies by the European Central Bank aren’t making things any easier either. On the other side of the ocean, the U.S. is doing well, and the dollar is growing stronger by the day, it seems. Think about it when browsing binary options on currency pairs.

Oil is not doing any better

Yes, pumping petrol will be more fun in 2016 thanks to the low oil price. However, for oil producers and traders, it’s a lot less fun to be in this business nowadays. Analysts don’t believe there won’t be any real price increase in the next year, so keep your eye on oil and keep this information in mind.

Trading bots are getting better

For those who would rather use software to advise them on trades, there is also good news. Bots are getting better every day. For example, take a look at AutoMoneyGenerator. This bot is designed to help you make money. Looking for something else? TrendTrader is also new and very popular.