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Meghan D. Ruby

Unifunds. Firstly, what kind of company is it?

According to research, Unifunds is active in the crowdfunding industry. Claiming to be a world leader in the industry, they offer financial solutions and services to help their members achieve a profitable and rewarding lifestyle. They also have a stock market trading platform, a binary options trading platform as well as mobile apps development and Cost Per Lead platforms.

Their performance since their establishment a decade ago is considered quite strong and aggressive. To date, they have had numerous lavish gala dinners in the countries of Asia and even Europe. Their members, or Participants as they are called, are from all over the world and have totalled to more than 3,000.

Their chosen platforms are all profiting and performing well while other companies are seeing a decrease in their finances. Even the preferred shares, ‘Participate Preferred Share’, that they distribute to their shareholders are increasing substantially in value.

In all sense of the word, Unifunds seems to be a legitimate company. Yet, there are doubts cast over the company and some have called foul over their dealings. So what is real and what is not?

Unfortunately for all Internet and online companies, this is a problem they have to deal with. Online frauds are getting rampant and Internet users are getting more cautious. Even the crowdfunding industry, which is relatively new to the online market, has seen its fair share of cons from both individuals and companies.

Thus, it is understandable that companies such as Unifunds are viewed with uncertainty and suspicion, especially when they are performing well economically.

However, it is believed companies that succeed usually have a very strong base that they operate on. Just like the company’s objectives and aims, its beliefs also plays a very important role. Unifunds always claim to operate with integrity and transparency, encouraging communication to and from its members. It is apparent that they place ethics above all else in their exchanges with their members.

Although faced with external problems, Unifunds doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Their member count is increasing by the day and their product and services ranges also seem to be constantly updated. The company itself is progressing with its development phases, even though there have been some delays.

All in all, Unifunds is expected to advance greatly in the crowdfunding industry and achieve a solid business growth.